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Information for New Students

A copy of our Agreement and Disclosure Statement can be found here Agreement and Disclosure Statement, which is applicable to all account holders. Students and anyone accepting financial responsibility for an account should carefully read this document.

The following is a description of other processes and forms.

Student Accounts

Tulane’s e-bills are accessible on Student Accounts through Gibson Online.  Please log in to Gibson Online at  to view bills and current activity, authorize others to have access, or to request paper statements if required. Paper statements are mailed only to those account holders who have made this request on Student Accounts.  Electronic payments are also made on Student Accounts. While payments made from checking/savings accounts are free, there is a 2.85% service fee to make payments with credit cards. Students are responsible for making sure their parents or other Authorized Users of the account are signed up for e-billing. Students must invite Authorized Users to access their accounts on Student Account. To invite Authorized Users go to the My Account tab, select the Authorized Users tab and enter the payer’s email address. The payer will receive an email invitation with instructions.

Refund Disbursement

Refund Disbursements are processed through Student Accounts. In order to receive a Direct Deposit refund and to avoid a delay of refunding financial aid, please add a bank account on your Refunds tab or enable your payment account for deposit of refunds.  

Authorization for Release of Information

Accounts Receivable is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations which prohibit our representatives from discussing student information with other parties.  If a student wishes to share his/her financial account information with parents, guardians or other interested parties, the student must complete and return the Authorization for Release of Information form to Accounts Receivable.  The Authorization for Release of Information enables the university to more quickly comply with student and parent requests without jeopardizing the integrity of the account.

Student Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment

All degree seeking students are required to maintain adequate health insurance while enrolled.  Each fall (or spring for those students matriculating in January), students must either enroll in the university sponsored plan or waive enrollment by providing proof of alternative adequate coverage.  The deadline to waive the university-sponsored health insurance plan is August 15, 2018. This requirement applies to all degree-seeking students and University-sponsored international students in J-1 status, except School of Professional Advancement students and some distance learning (online) programs. The Student Insurance Plan is administered by Campus Health, (504) 865-5256.

Title IV Release Form and Parent PLUS Release Form

To have excess federal financial aid funds applied to miscellaneous charges on the student’s account, please complete and return the Release of Title IV Funds form; and to apply PLUS funds to charges or refund to student, please complete and return the Parent PLUS Release Form.

W9-S Request for Student’s Federal Identification Number

To provide your social security number to the university, please complete and return the W9-S form. Your social security number is required if you wish to receive a Form 1098-T statement and take advantage of the Educational Tax Benefit.  

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance covers tuition that is not refunded for withdrawal due to medical issues or covering tuition payments due to death of the primary tuition payer. Please visit GradGuard for more information about this this optional coverage.

Student’s Property Renter’s Insurance

Student’s Property Insurance covers loss, theft, damage to personal belongings including electronics/phones, with minimal deductibles. Please visit College Student Insurance for more information about this optional coverage.

The Tulane University department to contact about Tuition Refund and Renter’s Insurance questions: Office of Insurance and Risk Management at 504-865-5653.