Understanding Your Bill

Tulane University billing statements are rendered on a monthly basis. An email notification will be sent to student’s Tulane or preferred email address each time a new statement is available to view online. Student must log in to Gibson Online to view bills and current activity, authorize others to have access, or to request paper statements if required.  Paper statements are mailed only to those students who have made this request on Gibson Online.  

Students are responsible for making sure their balance is paid on time, and parents or other authorized users of the account are granted access to view billing statements online and to utilize our electronic payment methods.

Billing Schedule

Tuition, fees, room, and board charges, and financial aid credits, are assessed on a semester basis. These and other miscellaneous charges are billed and due on a monthly basis as posted to your account. 

  • Fall semester is assessed in July and due in August.
  • Spring is assessed in December and due in January. 
  • Summer is assessed in April and due in May.

New tuition and fees charges, or adjustments, may be added on a daily basis based on registration during the add/drop period after semester billing has begun. A FINANCE CHARGE will be assessed if any portion of the amount due remains unpaid after the due date.

Charges may include:

  • Tuition and Fees - Tuition and fee rates are determined annually and assessed to student accounts based on registration. Click here for a list of current year tuition and fee rates by program.  Common mandatory fees include:
    • Academic Support Services Fee

      The Academic Support Services Fee provides certain academic resources to all Tulane students. The fee enables students to have access to the University's computer services, data, voice, and internet hook-ups, including those services provided by all outside vendors. In addition, tutoring and counseling services, on-line library, inter loan services and other support services, such as, the language and science laboratories, are covered by this fee.

    • Campus Health Fee

      The Campus Health fee provides students with access to primary care, preventive care, and medical referrals at the Health Center. It also contributes to counseling services, mental health care coordination, health education programs, drug/alcohol counseling, and Tulane Emergency Medical Services. This fee is not a health insurance premium.

    • Student Activity Fee

      The student body at Tulane assesses itself a Student Activity Fee to support its activities. The Student Activity fee entitles students to participate in or attend supported activities, readership of a weekly student newspaper and admission to many events, movies, and lectures.

    • Student Recreation Center Fee

      Full-time students will be assessed for membership to the Reily Recreation Center. Part-time students have the option to join the Recreation Center.

    • Student Health Insurance

      University policy requires that all degree-seeking and or Tulane University-sponsored in J-1 status students have adequate health insurance. Prior to fall semester (or the student’s program start date), students will receive details regarding the Tulane-sponsored health insurance plan. You will need to complete the online health insurance enrollment/waiver process to either enroll or decline this coverage. If you do not respond by the deadline, you will automatically be enrolled in this plan and charged the annual premium.

  • Course Fees - A student may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fees per course. These fees are calculated to cover the costs of materials and supplies consumed, and are established by the department faculty offering the course.  Course fees are listed on the schedule of classes.

  • Room Charges

    All room charges on your account are posted and managed by Tulane University Housing and Residence Life (HRL). A full description of available housing options and pricing can be found at http://housing.tulane.edu/

    Transaction descriptions for Room Charges will contain the Residence Hall Name along with some descriptive detail about the room, such as Single, Double, Suite, and so on. Please contact HRL at (504) 865-5724 or email housing@tulane.edu with any questions regarding your room charges.

  • Board (Meal Plan) Charges

    All Board charges on your account are posted and managed by Tulane University Dining Services. A full description of available meal plan options and pricing can be found at http://www.diningservices.tulane.edu/. Contact Dining Services at (504) 865-5441.

  • Splash Card (Student ID) Accounts Receivable Charging

    Full-time students in good standing, except summer-only guests and School of Professional Advancement students, are permitted to charge miscellaneous campus products and services to their student account.  This privilege may be revoked without notice, at any time and for any reason. Charges are authorized by presenting your Splash Card to a cashier.  All questions and disputes should be directed to the service providers - listed below. Locations accepting Accounts Receivable Charging include:

  • Parking and Traffic Citations - Student infraction charges will be forwarded to their account if unpaid 10 days after the citation date.  Phone (504) 865-5424 or email: traffic@tulane.edu
  • Library fines - Library fines may be forwarded to Accounts Receivable for collection after a patron fails to make payment or otherwise satisfy library circulation policy.  Common reasons for fines include failure to return an item and/or late return.  Contact the Howard-Titlon Memorial Library Circulation department with any questions you may have about these items. Phone (504) 865-5131 or email: circ@tulane.edu

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is managed by the University Financial Aid department. Financial Aid has comprehensive information on their website about eligibility, cost, and procedures to apply for and receive financial aid.

If awarded, you will be notified about any requirements you may need to complete before disbursal of credits can be authorized to your student account.  Please contact the University Financial Aid department with any questions and for assistance in completing these requirements. 

Once all requirements have been met by you, the University Financial Aid department will disburse credits to your student account.

If aid has been awarded and accepted, but is not credited to your account, you may deduct one-half of the total amount of grants, scholarships or loans awarded for the academic year from the amount owed. The balance is due by the date specified on your bill.

If you drop a class, do not complete a class, withdraw from a class (officially or unofficially), you understand that your original amount of financial aid eligibility for the semester may decrease and may result in some or all of the financial aid awarded and/or disbursed to you being revoked. If this occurs you agree to repay all revoked aid that was disbursed to your account, especially if the disbursement of aid resulted in a credit balance that was refunded to you.

A borrower has the right to cancel all or part of a federal loan disbursement credited to the student’s Tulane University billing account.  A disbursement cancelation request must be made in writing, postmarked within sixty days of the disbursement’s crediting date, and should be mailed to Tulane University Financial Aid Office, 205 Science & Engineering Lab Complex, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans , LA 70118; sent via email to finaid@tulane.edu OR faxed to (504) 862-8750.  The amount canceled will be charged to the student’s billing account and returned to the lender.