What is TIPP?

TIPP is Tulane’s Installment Prepayment Plan, an in-house payment plan for parents or students who would like to schedule monthly payment installments instead of making a lump sum payment for each semester.

When can I enroll in TIPP?

Fall semester prepayment plan enrollments are open from April – mid-July. Spring semester prepayment plan enrollments are open from September – mid-January.

Why am I scheduling a payment so far in advance of the beginning of the semester?

Tulane requires semester payments to be paid in full prior to the beginning of class. If you enroll in TIPP we allow up to 5 monthly payments per semester. The fall TIPP payments begin in May and end in September. Regular payments for fall are due in August. The spring TIPP payments begin in October and end in February. Regular payments for spring are due in January. TIPP participation allows an extra month to complete payments each semester.

Do I have to sign up for 5 payments? What if I have missed the first month?

We have more than one payment plan available. You may opt to make 5, 4, or 3 monthly payments. All plans would have the same end dates.

Can I schedule my payment dates when I enroll in the plan?

Yes, there are set due dates each month, but you can make your payment any day before or on the due date.

Do I have to enroll each semester?

Yes, enrollment is by semester only. Enrollment is open approximately 45 days before the first payment is due each semester.

Do I have to pay the enrollment fee each semester?

Yes, the $30 enrollment fee is due at enrollment for each semester.

Does the student have to set up the payment plan or can an authorized user set up a plan?

Students and authorized users may set up a payment plan. Authorized user may enroll the student, or the student may enroll themselves. Authorized users may pay on a plan set up by the student, but students may not pay on a plan set up by an authorized user.

I am the student, why can’t I pay toward the plan that shows up on my account?

Students cannot make payments toward a plan set up by an authorized user. If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.

We are divorced; can my ex-spouse and I set up more than one payment plan for our student?

The student, and each of a student's authorized users, may enroll in their own payment plan.  For those participating, it is your responsibility to coordinate plan amounts amongst yourselves to avoid overpaying the account and to make adjustments if unexpected charges are due.  The student receiving educational and campus services from Tulane University remains responsible for compliance with all due dates, and should monitor billing statements and coordinate directly with their payer(s) to ensure that all charges are paid on-time.

How can I make payments?

Payments may be made online by checking or savings account with no additional fee. All major credit cards are also accepted. A non-refundable convenience fee of 2.95% (minimum $3.00) will be added to credit card payments.

Can I schedule payments online?

You may schedule your payments online. We will automatically credit all scheduled payments on their scheduled release date. Tulane is not authorized to schedule your payments. All payments must be authorized by the payer.

What is the fee for NSF or Insufficient Payments?

Tulane will charge a $25.00 fee if a payment is returned unpaid as a result of non-sufficient funds or otherwise. Two returned payments will result in termination from the payment plan. The payer will be responsible for any balance returning and any late fees on the account if the plan is terminated.

What will happen if I miss a payment?

There will be a $15.00 charge for a missed payment. Two missed payments may result in termination of the payment plan. The payer will be responsible for any balance remaining and any late fees on the account if the plan is terminated.

Will I be able to enroll in another plan if I have been terminated from a plan?

This financing option is extended as a courtesy by Tulane University to our families. This courtesy may not be extended to a student in a future semester should a current plan terminate for non-payment.

Am I able to cancel a plan?

To cancel a payment plan, please contact us at acctrec@tulane.edu or call (504) 865-5368, toll free 800-798-7633. You are responsible for any balance due after the plan has been cancelled.

Can I pay off a plan early?

Yes. You may pay off a plan early. There is a Pay Off Plan button that you may choose to pay your plan off early.

I have a prior balance on my account; can I schedule payments to cover the prior balance and the new semester balance?

No, accounts must be current before the payment plan enrollment. Past due charges from a previous semester cannot be paid through a payment plan. All prior term debt must be satisfied before enrolling in a payment plan.

What is the minimum amount to enroll in TIPP?

You must be charged a minimum of $300 tuition per semester to enroll in the payment plan.

Can I use the plan if I already have financial aid?

Yes, the original payment plan is calculated on the balance owed after all payments and/or financial aid credits are deducted from the amount due.

Who sets the monthly budget amount for the payment plan?

You are responsible for calculating an amount that will cover your costs. A TIPP worksheet is provided for ease of calculation. If necessary, you may estimate your payment plan based on anticipated tuition, fees, room, meal plan, health insurance and financial aid awards. Plans may be adjusted as required.

If I do not have the tuition charges on my account for the upcoming semester, how am I to calculate my plan’s budget?

A TIPP worksheet is provided on the TIPP website listing commonly used tuition charges, fees, housing, meal plans, and health insurance for the upcoming semester. You should deduct your financial aid (if applicable) from expected charges. If your financial aid has not awarded, your financial aid advisor may be able to assist you with an estimated aid amount. You may use these figures to calculate your TIPP budget.

Must I wait until my installment is due, or can I pay smaller amounts when I get my paycheck each week?

You can make payments of any size toward your next installment at any time. Keep in mind that the entire installment amount must be paid by the due date.

My installment is due today, but I get a message that I can’t pay because it’s already scheduled. What should I do?

You do not need to do anything. When you enrolled in the plan, you set up payments to be processed automatically. One of those payments is being processed today. The TouchNet plan prevents you from making another payment on the same day to prevent over-payment or double payment.

My balance has changed because of Financial Aid awarded; can I change my payment amount?

Yes, you may contact the Accounts Receivable Office to make a change or cancel your plan.