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For hurricane Ida emergency information, please refer to our Hurricane Ida Frequently Asked Questions webpage.   

Hurricane Ida FAQs

Will finance charges be assessed on delinquent account balances on September 15, 2021?

Due to unexpected hardships caused by Hurricane Ida, Tulane will not assess finance charges on delinquent accounts on September 15, 2021.

Is Tulane extending the September 3rd deadline for a 100% refund?

The deadline date for drop/withdraw with 100% tuition and fee refund, as well as other add/drop deadlines, has been extended two weeks. A modified Academic Calendar can be found here: https://registrar.tulane.edu/Fall-2021-Ida-Calendar

Will there be rebates for housing, dining plans and recreation center fees?

A decision has not yet been made regarding rebates for on-campus service charges for the weeks we will be online.

We had originally announced that classes would continue online until Wednesday, October 6. However, with the pace of restoration picking up, we are hopeful for a sooner return to on-campus classes. We will be sure to send any notice of an earlier return well in advance.

Will students be allowed to attend fall semester 2021 as fully remote only?

Student must return to in-person education by the announced date. Students are not permitted to move to fully remote status for the remainder of the semester.

Will students be allowed to change to part-time status for the fall 2021 semester and return to full-time in spring 2022 semester?

Part-time status will be an option going forward in any program in which it is an option in a normal semester. Tulane does not plan to extend part time option in any other circumstances.

Can students withdraw by canceling their registration online?

Students must meet with their academic advisor to completely withdraw. The date to complete this request with 100% tuition and fee refund has been extended by two weeks, to Friday, September 17.

Where should I mail a check payment?

Accounts Receivable is not currently receiving mail from USPS and private delivery services. Please do not send checks and other mailed correspondence to Accounts Receivable until further notice. If you have already mailed a check, we will receive them when we return to campus.

The student accounts portal is online. Electronic payments made through the portal and refund disbursements to stored direct deposit profiles are being processed as normal.