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Given the current situation with COVID-19, Accounts Receivable has adjusted its hours and closed its physical location temporarily. During this temporary closure, we are asking students and families to refrain from mailing check payments to campus, as they may not be processed in a timely manner.

You are urged to make electronic payments online at Students Accounts, make wire transfers or use one of the three international bank transfer services offered on our Payment Options webpage.

Accounts Receivable COVID-19 FAQ

How did Tulane determine a proration of 40 percent?

For the 2020 Spring semester, the vast majority of students were able to occupy their residence hall, use Dining Services, The Student Health Center, The Reily Student Recreation Center and other campus services beginning Saturday, January 11, 2020 (two days prior to the start of classes for the Spring 2020 semester.) Using the last day of scheduled final exams (May 9, 2020) for the 2020 Spring semester, there are 120 days in the Spring semester. By the exit date (Sunday, March 22, 2020) for uptown campus students to leave their residence hall a total of 72 days had elapsed, equating to 60 percent (72/120) of the 2020 Spring semester. Therefore, 40 percent of the 2020 Spring semester remained as of March 22, 2020. This is the percentage being used in the proration calculations.

How did Tulane determine which charges are eligible for a rebate?

Tulane identified certain charges that were assessed for the entire 2020 spring semester but which should be prorated and rebated for the portion covering unused services. These charges include the following: dormitory room; the base amount of dining plan and recreation center fee. Charges that aren’t being rebated include tuition, the academic support service fee, the Student Health Center fee, and the student activity fee as students continue to use and receive benefits from these charges.

Will Tulane be refunding any tuition?

We are confident that the education we are currently offering continues to be challenging, engaging and rewarding. Our faculty, world leaders in their subject matter, continue to teach our classes and remain accessible to our students for the out-of-classroom interactions that reinforce the learning. In addition, students continue to have access, albeit remotely, to all of the usual support mechanisms such as academic advising, success coaching, tutoring, and career services. As long as the instruction continues, we will not be refunding any tuition for this period.

When and how will I receive a rebate?

Rebates were posted to student accounts on April 1, 2020.  You may view your student account details through Gibson Online. Please click the “View Online Account” link.

If my rebate transaction results in a credit balance on my Accounts Receivable account what is the next step?

Your next step will include the following options:


  • Apply your rebate towards future charges that might be incurred for the 2020 summer or 2020 fall semesters. No action is required for this option.
  • Donate a portion or all of your rebate as a contribution to be dedicated to the Tulane Student Emergency Aid and Assistance Fund to help fellow students facing financial challenges. You may also donate your credit balance to Tulane’s Emerging Research in Infectious Disease Fund to provide resources to address COVID-19.
  • Request a direct deposit refund (if applicable) from the Tulane Accounts Receivable Office by following the directions detailed on their website: Students scheduled to graduate in May 2020 should request a refund or consider donating their credit balance.


How do I make a donation to the university of a portion or all of my rebate credit balance?

You may donate to the following funds. Please click on the link(s) below and follow instructions included:


  • The Student Emergency Aid and Assistance Fund is currently being used to assist students with unanticipated expenses, including airfare, purchasing a laptop and supporting WiFi access at home, among other needs.
  • Tulane’s Emerging Research in Infectious Disease Fund is providing immediate resources to address the COVID-19 crisis, from detection to treatment to prevention, by supporting Tulane’s promising research and clinical enterprise.


Will the receipt of a rebate negatively impact my 2020 spring financial aid?

The Tulane University Financial Aid Office does not expect any adjustments to students’ current 2020 spring semester aid due to their receipt of a rebate.

However, for those rebated charges paid by a sponsor or Athletic Scholarship, the rebate credit will be returned to the sponsor or scholarship fund.

If your sponsor or scholarship fund paid a portion of your dormitory room charge, your prorated rebate will be based upon the amount for which you were responsible.

What is the base cost of my dining plan that was used to calculate my 40% rebate?


Dining Plan Base Cost 40% Rebate


$3,100.00 $1,240.00

TU 15

$2,870.00 $1,148.00

TU 10

$2,600.00 $1,040.00

TU 8

$1,250.00 $500.00

TU 7

$2,225.00 $890.00

Choice 50

$710.00 $284.00

Special Dietary

$1,750.00 $700.00


$4,175.00 $1,670.00


$1,750.00 $700.00


$125.00 $50.00

Commuter, Graduate

$50.00 $20.00
Where can I find what dining plan I was enrolled in for Spring 2020?

Please log into the Dining Plan Portal to see your Spring 2020 dining plan selection.

Will I receive a dining plan refund if I am living on-campus and using my dining plan?

No, you will not receive a refund for your spring 2020 dining plan but your dining plan is available on your Splash Card to use.

Will I receive a dining plan refund if I am living off-campus and using my dining plan?

No, you will not receive a refund for your spring 2020 dining plan if you are living off-campus and using your dining plan.

Will I receive a dining plan refund if I am living off-campus and not using my dining plan?

Yes, you will receive a 40% rebate of the base cost of your dining plan.

I would like to continue to use my dining plan through the end of the Spring 2020 semester but I received a rebate, how can I reinstate my dining plan?

If you would like to use your dining plan throughout the rest of the spring 2020 semester and forfeit your dining plan refund, please contact for assistance.